We Are Mom Centered

Because moms at every phase need support

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A social media platform JUST for moms!

Parents at all ages and stages need a place of their own. A place where they can vent. A place to question. A place where, for just a bit, they can stop being “Mooo-ooooom” and reconnect with who they are instead of what they do.

That’s The Mom Center.

We are a private social network and coaching space just for moms. In our community of support and authenticity, we are the one place online where you will ALWAYS want to read the comments.

 Who Is The Mom Center For?


The Mom Center is a space where we center the humanity of mothers. We support the full expression of your humanity, your gender expression, your sexuality, your race, your ethnicity—all of who you are is welcome and wanted.


I’m Graeme Seabrook, certified motherhood life coach, writer, mental health advocate, and mom of two. My journey into motherhood began when my oldest child was born. I experienced a traumatic birth that led to PTSD, postpartum depression, and anxiety. As I healed, I looked at the ways modern motherhood fails mothers—and The Mom Center was born.

How Does It Work?

We designed The Mom Center to help you plug in - in whatever ways work best for you. Need a chat forum to ask that question none of your friends can answer? Or a space to rant about whatever irritates you? Or some humor to make it through the day? The Mom Center has space for all of that and more.

  • We have a daily thread that begins with reminders that you are a person before you are a parent. We are here for that—and you.
  • We have weekly postings from mothers who went before us: writers, teachers, and radicals who help us move forward and change the world.
  • We have monthly LIVE community calls where we meet for support, laughter, learning in this beautiful space we are creating together.

How Can I Join?

We have two membership options:

Monthly -$8.99

Yearly - $98.99

Try a free week now! 

What is Included?

All members of the Mom Center officially enjoy full access to everything on our site: the coaching, the conversation, the calls, and the resources. And those are great, but honestly, what will keep you coming back is the unofficials.

We are a place where you can show up as you are with no editing required. We strive to be a place where every mother can be fully and authentically herself.

"The Mom Center is the only space I have where I can go and I feel like I can 100% tell my truth and everything will be just fine.

It's not judgmental, it's just supportive. I never post in there and feel like I'm going to get some sort of messed up response, or like posting is going to make things worse.

It’s always a positive experience in that space."  

- Sarah, mom of an elementary schooler

Need to join our monthly community call from bed in your pjs? You won’t be the first. Making breakfast or folding laundry while we chat? We’ve all been there.

"I need DAILY structures for accountability or I won’t remember/make time to take care of me”
 - LaToya, mom of a preschooler

The Mom Center is mom-centered, so that no matter what your day looks like, you have a place to connect in ways that are real and that remind you that you really matter. Not you as mom, but you as you.

“I love the little action steps to keep the week’s topic right at the front of my mind. It helps me focus instead of looking at all the shiny new things or thinking about all the dumpster fires on the Internet”
- Jenny, mom of two tweens

Bring your hopes, your insecurities, your questions, and join us. Whether your kids are starting potty-training or starting college applications, we are here for you. Parenting is a hard enough job; there’s no reason to do it alone.

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