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The Mom Center

What is The Mom Center?

The Mom Center is a private social network for mothers. It's the one place online where you will ALWAYS want to read the comments. 

- DAILY reminders that you are a person before you're a parent and that we're here for you.

- WEEKLY learning from the mothers who went before us: writers, teachers, radicals. Mothers have always worked to change the world and we now more than ever we need their wisdom and imagination to help us move forward. 

- MONTHLY live Community Calls where we meet to support each other, laugh together, learn together, and revel in this beautiful space we've made. 

 Who Is The Mom Center For?


The Mom Center is a space for moms. In this space, the humanity of mothers is centered. In this space, we support the full expression of your humanity, your gender expression, your sexuality, your race, your ethnicity, all of who you are is welcome and wanted. 

"The Mom Center is the only space I have where I can go and I feel like I can 100% tell my truth and everything will be just fine.

It's not judgmental, it's just supportive. I never post in there and feel like I'm going to get some sort of messed up response, or like posting is going to make things worse.

It’s always a positive experience in that space."  

- Sarah, mom of an elementary schooler

"I need DAILY structures for accountability or I won’t remember/make time to take care of me”
 - LaToya, mom of a preschooler

“I love the little action steps to keep the week’s topic right at the front of my mind. It helps me focus instead of looking at all the shiny new things or thinking about all the dumpster fires on the Internet”
- Jenny, mom of two tweens

"Plus, she (meaning Graeme) is really fun while being really genuine...and she seems to bring together some amazing folks, so I wanted to be part of all that. Momming can be lonely, and I crave community."
-Lisa, mom of a toddler and a kindergartener

Inside The Mom Center

  It's a place where you can simply show up as you with no editing required.  There's no need to worry about your second cousin's girlfriend calling your best friend and telling her what you said in the group. Whether we're chatting in the app or hanging out on video we are the village. That village everyone talks about needing but no one can fully describe - it's here. 

Our monthly Community Calls are casual - moms on video chats from their beds, moms in pajamas, making breakfast, or folding laundry while we talk. Someone has to hop off the call to drive their kid somewhere and someone else comes in halfway because their kid tried to blow up the kitchen sink with a science experiment.

Bring your hopes, your insecurities, your best poop stories, your biggest coffee mug, your questions, and as many Pink Starbursts as you can find. When you open the site you can BREATHE knowing that everyone has your back and the answers you need are minutes away.

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